Vision and Mission



To mould the young minds with a global outlook for professional practice as Electrical and Electronics Engineers to serve the industry and society.


1. To impart industry oriented technical skills to develop creative and interactive professionals.

2. To inculcate values like sincerity, honesty, team spirit, leadership quality and flexibility in budding electrical and electronics engineers so as to help them face the future with the holistic spirits.

3. To provide world class facilities to enhance technical expertise of students and create an ambience for research.


1. To make students capable of applying their knowledge acquired in Electrical and Electronics Engineering courses, to the solution of complex problems encountered in the modern Engineering practice.

2. To train students so they have the necessary professional skills, with high ethical standards, to be succeed in their careers.

3. To inculcate in students teamwork skills, with effective communication skills, an ability to relate engineering issues to broader social context.

4. To provide students with the opportunities required to make them successful in their pursuit of lifelong learning.