Acedemic Calculation


Calculation of Academic Performance

(a) Semester Grade point Average (SGPA) shall be calculated as under:

(b) The academic progress of the students in each semester shall be maintained in a Grade card or transcript, wherein the grades awarded to students as well as the points Secured by the students in the examinations, shall be entered. The transcript given to the students at the end of their complete undergraduate program shall indicate the Cumulative grade point average (CGPA) which shall be calculated as follows:

The CGPA shall be rounded off to 2nd place of decimal. While calculating CGPA, the ‘F’ shall be replaced by the better grade earned in these course in the subsequent Semester/ Special Examination.

(c). When a student gets a grade for any subject(s) during the semester, the SGPA of that semester and the CGPA at the end of that semester will be tentatively calculated ignoring this (these) subject(s). After the T grade(s) has (have) been converted to appropriate grades, the SGPA and CGPA for that semester will finally be recalculated after taking into account this (these) grade(s).