Sershah Engineering College, Sasaram is a Government Institution under Dept. of Science, Technology and Technical Education, Govt. of Bihar and is bound to function as such. However in Academic and related areas it has to be responsive and participants in the decisions and deliberations of apex bodies like All India Council for Technical Education, National Board of Accreditation etc ensuring innovations in Pedagogical and practical aspects of Technical Education. The Administration and Management of the Institute are oriented to these ends too.
Though the Principal is the overall in-charge of all activities and movements of the Institute for smooth functioning and making administration work efficient. Each department and section work under a Professor of proven capability.
Key Officials
DesignationNameContact Number
PrincipalDr. Manish Kumar7209372324
RegistrarDr. Radha Kumari9304647671
Head of Department,                                                Dept. of Civil EngineeringMr. Manish Pratap Singh8822831710
Head of Department,                                                Dept. of Computer Science &  EngineeringMr. Om Prakash9304916566
Head of Department,                                                Dept. of Electrical and Electronics EngineeringMr. Vikash Kumar Singh7903766692
Head of Department,                                                Dept. of Mechanical EngineeringMr. Kapil Kumar Gupta9140189415
Head of Department,                                                Dept. of Science and HumanityDr. Radha Kumari 9304647671
Head of Department,                                                Dept. of Mining EngineeringMr. Shashikant 8651307707
Controller of ExaminationMr. Raman Kumar9958535618
Chief WardenMr. Vikash Rajak9534714085
Warden, Kalpna Chawla Girl’s HostelDr. Radha Kumari

Ms. Sakshi Gupta



Warden, Aryabhatta Boys’s HostelMr. Vikash Rajak

Mr. Arun Kumar



Warden, Ashoka Boys’s HostelMr. Amit  Kumar

Mr. Mohd. Ateeque



Training and Placement OfficerMr. Maruti Nandan Mishra8949817518
Professor Incharge
AdmissionMr. Sailesh Saurabh9046681857
ScholarshipMr. Anand Kumar9835581671
Student Credit CardMr. Priya Pankaj Kumar9931099433
LibraryMr. Vikash Kumar Singh7903766692
SecurityMr. Amit  Kumar7014786051
CampusMr. Amit Kumar7014786051
Campus BeautificationMr. Rajnish Kumar Upadhyay9123107719
Electric  MaintenanceMr. Raman Kumar9958535618
Plumber and Water SupplyMr. Manish Pratap Singh8822831710
MedicalMr. Anand Kumar9835581671
Digital InitiativeMr. Sailesh Saurabh9046681857
InternetMr. Anand Kumar 9835581671