Course Structure



Course Structure


The curriculum for the different degree programme is as per approval of Bihar Engineering University, Patna.All subjects will have Lecture- Tutorial-Laboratory/ Design components (L-T-P) to indicate the contact hours. Theory courses will have 3-0-0 (3 credits) or. 3-1-0 (4 credits) structure. Design or laboratory courses will be offered as distinct (O-O-P) courses without being mixed with lecture components.

Normally, subjects based on engineering or scientific principles or on thought provoking information, where it is possible to conduct a closed book examination, will be taught is theory courses, whereas those based on applications and practice (conceptual, computational or experimental) will be covered under Design or Practical courses/ Sessional Courses.

All subjects will have a credit count. Teaching of subjects will be reckoned in terms of credits.

Every course, identified by a single course identifier, shall be-taught by a single teacher who may be assisted by adjunct faculty, teaching assistants, postgraduate and research students, and by other faculty members

Large classes, e.g. those of first year courses, will be divided into several sections, each section being taught by one teacher. [A single teacher may handle more than one section, of the same course.] Teachers of all sections of a subject will form the coordination committee for the course which will collectively take all decisions on the course. The Principal of the Engineering Colleges will choose one of the members as the Chairman of the Committee.

The prescribed coursework shall be grouped under heads – core courses and electives. The core courses, not exceeding 75% of the course load will cover all essential skills associated with a given department. A given course may be a core subject for one department and an elective for another.