Award of Degree


Award of Degree

1. Mode of Examination:

The theory and the Sessional/practical/project components have been bifurcated as follows:
Theory component
1) MSE (Internal Evaluation) 30 marks
(a) Attendance 5 marks
(b) Assignment/Class Test 5 marks
(c) Mid semester examination 20 marks (2 Hours duration)

(2) End semester examination 70 marks (3/4 Hours duration) Sessional/ Practical/Project Component:

(1) CPA (internal Evaluation) 20 marks
(a) Attendance 5 marks
(b) Class performance 5 marks
(c) Internal viva 10 marks

For CPA of 40 marks, every component will be multiplied by 2

(3) End semester examination 30 or 6O marks (3/4 Hours duration)

II. Method of Converting percentage marks to grades.

The absolute grading system will be used as under.

% of marks obtainedLetter Grade
90% and aboveA+
80% to less than 90%A
70% to less than 80%B
60% to less than 70%C
50% to less than 60%D
35% to less than 50%E
< 35% for theory and < 40% for Sessional/PracticalF

In addition, there shall be two transitional grading symbols which can be used by the
Examiners to indicate the special position of a student in a subject:
‘I’ – Incomplete assessment’
X- for ‘Debarred’