Credit Adjustment for Lateral Entry Programme


Credit Adjustment for Lateral Entry Programme

Students entering 3rd semester courses through Lateral Entry Scheme from Diploma institutions will be awarded proportionate and equivalent credits corresponding to the wightage of Theory and Sessional marks in their final diploma result and that in relation to the total 53 credit requirement in the first- and second semesters under the regular semester scheme. The secured marks by the individual student will fetch proportionate credit corresponding to Theory and Sessional paper marks.


Graduation Requirement

In order to qualify for a B.Tech. Or B.Pharma degree covered under these Regulations, a Student must:

a) Complete all the credit requirements for the degree, as laid. Down in the prescribed Curriculum of the discipline; with a minimum grade ‘P’ scored in every subject.

(b) Obtain a CGPA of 6 or higher at the end of the semester. in which he/she completes all the requirements for the degree.