Vision and Mission



The Department of Mechanical Engineering is committed to blossom into Centre of Excellence, Outsourcing dedicated and competent engineers to shoulder the responsibilities of transforming the nation into a technologically, socially and culturally advanced one.


1. Constantly updating the departmental resources, faculty and other infrastructure by acquiring state of the art equipments and by imparting constant in service training to the faculty and supporting staff.

2. Providing state of the art education and training to the students.

3. Motivating students to excel by augmenting their knowledge to continuing education programme.

4. Inculcating the feeling of oneness and service to humanity, in the minds of students to serve the society better. Carrying out purposeful research.


1. Graduates of Mechanical Engineering Programme will Practice Mechanical Engineering in the general stems of design, manufacture, service and allied engineering sectors

2. Habituate continuous learning and carry out research and development in science, engineering and technology that supports career growth Exhibit ethical code of conduct in a professional manner to solve real – time multi-disciplinary engineering projects.

3. Demonstrate managerial and leadership capabilities that supports economic development of firms as well as society.